充电自行车Solar powered charging bicycle

This product is charged by solar energy. Its seat and head can be folded which is convenient for users to use. The bicycle is different from traditional models in appearance and shape which is mainly in the modernist style. It breaks through the traditional manufacturing thinking pays attention to the functionality and practicability of products the space sense of structure and the formal beauty of material characteristics and it can greatly improves the travel rate.


充电自行车 这款作品利用太阳能充电,其座位和车头均可折叠,方便用户使用。该车在造型外观上面有别于传统车型,主要以现代主义风格为主,突破了传统的制造思维,重视产品的功能性和实用性,注重发挥结构的空间感和材料特性的形式美,极大地提高了出行率。